Rates are subject to change without prior notice
Rates are for accommodation only
Children under 7 (maximum 2) stay free in hotel owned restaurant and accompanied by parent/s when sharing with their parents where family rooms are available.
Certain rates require a non-refundable prepayment in order to be confirmed. Please check the Rules and Rates when booking, to determine the payment policy.
The credit card used to confirm and pay for a reservation is required to be presented on check-in at the hotel if requested by the hotel management. An imprint of this card will be taken by the hotel on check-in, in order to prove the card was present.
All accommodation provided in terms of any booking made on this website will be subject to the standard Glorious Hotel and Suites Ltd terms and conditions of residence of the hotel concerned.
Certain special promotions and rates carry their own terms and conditions which apply accordingly.
All Glorious Hotel and Suites Ltd rates are inclusive of all govt. taxes and levies.
Payment for any reservations or other services for which fees may be charged by Glorious Hotel and Suites Ltd shall be payable by you on departure from the hotel, where applicable, shall be debited to your account after departure.
Payment going through our Payment Gateway will secure the full payment and debit the credit card used in making the booking. Booking will be non-refundable on cancellation or amendments.
Credit card details on the website are mere to secure a reservation and do not constitute payment in respect of the services to be provided by Glorious Hotel and Suites Ltd
The guest/client hereby agrees that this transaction constitutes an electronic transaction and that a binding agreement has been concluded between the Hotel and the guest/client authorizing the Hotel to deduct or to debit the credit card for payments for services rendered to the guest/client. The hand signature of the guest/client shall not be required for authorization purposes.
By clicking the “Book Now” button herein, the customer/client signifies and accepts all terms and conditions contained in this Website

Reservations confirmed on a prepaid rate are in certain circumstances subject to 100% cancellation fee should they be modified or cancelled.
If a reservation made is not cancelled by 12h 00 (hotel local time) on the day of arrival, the guest is subject to a charge equal to one night’s accommodation. This amount will be charged to the guest’s debit or credit card.
Glorious Hotel and Suites Ltd reserves the right to debit your card with a cancellation fee equal to 1-night accommodation if a reservation is not cancelled by 12h00 (hotel local time) on the day of arrival.

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