Africa: Nigerians steal the show at Vienna Fashion Week with captivating dance moves on the runway

May 17, 2019

Nigerians have created a new norm on the runway at the ongoing Vienna Fashion Week happening in Austria.

Meant to be a display of latest fashion designs by some of the world’s leading young designers, it was all dance and colours as soon as the models from the Gold Carvier Crew stepped out in full Nigerian wear and dance moves. They danced to African music under the theme Colors of Africa.

The video of the dancers has since gone viral on social media and is being applauded by Africans and black people all over the world.

The women who danced on the runway are seen barefoot with several traditional markings on their bodies painted to demonstrate the beauty of African art.

Meant to be the usual display of clothes that might become the new trend soon, the dancers shook things up and entertained the crowd to dance moves and modeling made in Africa.

The enthused audience can be seen clapping in the excitement in the videos shared on social media.



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