Tips on How to Make Your Business Trip Fun

Aug 01, 2019

A Business trip is fun free and stress filled as far as some people are concerned and they would rather stay back and go to work as usual than take a business trip.

It’s all work till the end of the trip as they have planned your stay till the last hour, this is why when business trips come up, most people are not happy because they know its no better than spending time in their office.


Some business trips are worst than office hours as you attend series of meetings, presentations, business dinners, business breakfasts, it’s all about business.

They plan your stay till the last minute and make sure you do not have any leisure time to spend taking tours around the town or catching fun.

However, no matter how tight your business trip schedule is, these tips would guide you on how to go about enjoying yourself whenever you are on a business 


Research your location

The first thing to do before embarking on your trip is to research the location and look for resort centers and entertainment facilities not far from your hotel of stay.

Find cinemas, beaches, restaurants. Game houses, malls and museums that are just a few minutes away from your hotel of residence during your stay at the city.

If possible, they should be trek-able so you do not spend more time getting there than actually being there and having fun as you can just stroll down when you have a little free time and enjoy yourself.


Pack your bags with your indoor fun things 

Being that you might spend more time indoors as some business trips will not give you time to actually go out to have fun, preparing yourself for indoor games would be a good idea.

You might spend most of your day time attending business meetings, preparing for your presentations and have no tangible free time left to go anywhere.

This is why it is important that you pack your indoor game tools and toys so that when you get back into your room, you can have something to play with and enjoy yourself.


Take a scenic route 

Instead of taking the express on your way to the hotel or out of the hotel for any reason, why not take a route with views and attractions within the city. 

This is a way to catch a glimpse of activities of fun going on around you and it’s fun to see new people doing new things.

You would also get to explore the city and admire their structures while you digest the beauty of the environment.


Take a room with a good view

Picking a room that has a nice view of the environment or a bird eye view of the city can help you relax and also be fun at the same time.

You can just sit beside your window while you rest and also catch a glimpse of either a scenic environment or city or a serene surrounding especially if the hotel is beside a lake or river.

This is a way to rest your body and head after a long day of deliberation and presentations at business meetings.


Relax in a hot tub

After a long day of series of meetings and event, you can do your body and soul good by relaxing in a hot tub in your hotel room.

This is also a way to help you clear your head and spend some quality time with yourself in your room.

Relaxing in a hot tub will also help you meditate and digest some of the issues raised and debated at the meeting and come up with better ideas for your subsequent presentations and meetings during your business gatherings.


Go Shopping

Shopping is a way of having fun in a city where you visit for a business trip as you not only have the opportunity to see the city but also buy things that you need both during and after your stay.

It also is an opportunity to visit a center where you can buy handmade or moulded local crafts, paintings, or gift items to take home to your loved ones when you arrive.

It is an opportunity to purchase and take home with you, items that would keep reminding you of visits to such a city or country each time you set your eyes in them.

Try to buy quality items so that they can last and if given to someone they can get to keep it for a long time and remember you each time they see it.


Visit a Cultural Center or Museum

This is a way of exploring the historical and traditional values of the indigenes of the state, city or country of visit.

It gives you an insight into their beliefs values and culture, meanwhile getting all this information is not only educative but also entertaining to know.

You also get to see a lot of their locally made items ranging from pottery to paintings, artifacts, read or hear about their historical stories and events among other things that are significant to their people making them unique and different from where you came from.


Eat at a local Restaurant

This is fun as you get to try out a lot of locally made delicacies that are significant to the people of your city or country of visit that you probably have not heard of or come across during your research of the city.

Eating at a local restaurant is also a way to explore the city and it’s indigenes as you get to meet the people who prepared these meals and have the opportunity to ask questions about the recipe and preparation methods of the foods you like.

It is also a way of saving money if your office did not make provisions for food as it is cheaper to eat at local restaurants than fancy ones operating in bigger and well structured buildings.


Choose a Hotel with a Swimming Pool

Choosing a hotel with a swimming pool is a wise decision for business travelers as swimming pools are a good place to relax after a stressful day especially when the weather is hot.

However, most companies choose hotels for their staffs when organizing any business meetings or conferences as they get discounts when they book all the rooms together and this is a way of cutting cost for them.

But you do not have to panic as most hotels have a swimming pool within their premises for guests to relax and have fun during their stay and this is an opportunity for someone who is on a business trip. 

This will help you loosen up a bit as water is a good place to relax when one is trying to relieve himself of stress and clear your head for the day without having to do far from your location.


Sit out at the Hotel Bar and have a drink

Finding time to sit out at the hotel bar with your colleagues is another way of having fun and enjoying your stay during the trip.

This is also a good time to bond with new people you meet during the trip and get to know more about each other.

Business meetings do not give you time to talk about personal things and get to know much about the new people you meet at the conference.

Spending private time with them will help you achieve that and sitting out at a bar to have a drink is a good way to start.


Stay a day or more longer 

I mentioned earlier that most business trips are tightly planned, you can hardly squeeze out time to have fun and explore your city of visit.

In a case like that you can actually change the date of departure on your flight ticket to allow you stay a day or more longer in other to relax and explore the city.

This will afford you with free time to do all the fun things you originally planned to do but could not because of the tight schedule of your trip.

This is like a mini holiday for someone to have fun and take a tour round the city before heading back to resume work at the office in your country of city of residence.

Don’t be scared of being bored during your business trips and visits as going to a new city is fun on its own.

It might be an opportunity if a lifetime as you may not have thought of going to such countries or cities on your own, they might be too expensive for you if you had to go on your own.

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