Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa bay beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos. Tarkwa Bay beach is an artificial sheltered beach located at Onisiwo Island which is about 20 minutes boat ride from Victoria Island, and about 55 minutes road driving from the Glorious Hotel & Suites. Tarkwa bay is one of the many popular tourist attractions in Lagos. Even though Tarkwa bay is a public beach, it offers the exclusivity of a private beach. Tarkwa bay boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos and it is also a popular tourist attraction where you can experience nature in its rarest beauty.

However, since Tarkwa bay is an island, it can only be accessed via water either through a boat ride or better still you can announce your entry in a grand style by coming through a Helicopter. Tarkwa Bay is a perfect blend of nature and the beauty of Lagos Island and Eko Atlantic City in the background fused in beautiful harmony.

Tarkwa Bay is a man-made island that was made during the construction of the Lagos harbour. The island was sand filled with sand dredged from the Atlantic. It serves as a shelter for the Harbour which makes Tarkwa beach a lot calmer in terms of the wave compared to other beaches in Lagos which makes it safe for swimmers and surfers. Tarkwa Beach is located on a blissful and quiet island off the outskirt of Lagos Island along the Lagos coast. It is a sandy island that serves as a residence to some of its inhabitants and a tourist attraction to hundreds of people that troop this beautiful island every day.

Tarkwa Bay is usually less crowded, it is peaceful and void of the regular noise you get at major public beaches. The majority of the residents at Tarkwa aby are fishermen, traders, Artisans, and producers of natural palm oil, palm wine, coconut oil, etc. The journey to Tarkwa Bay involves a boat ride, you should add it to your bucket list of Adventurous things you should do when you stay at Glorious Hotels and Suites.