Traveling With Your Kids

Aug 01, 2019

Traveling is a lot of fun and adventure for adults, but when it comes to children, you never know if it’s a good idea or a bad one because of a lot of circumstances surrounding traveling with kids.


For Adults, exposure is adventurous and fun whether it’s to a new culture, food, music, weather. E.t.c. However, it may turn out to be too much for kids

Leaving the home with children is a lot of work, you have to carry so many things you think they might need when out and might end up bringing them home just the way you took them out.

This is frustrating for a lot of parents who would rather dump children with their grandparents and head for a trip than travel with them.

It is not a bad idea to keep your kids with your parents, however, taking them along with you on a trip can be a good way to create memories with your family/children.

One of the most challenging things about traveling with kids is how to figure out what is good for them and what is not, especially if you are out of your residential country, because of the strange environment you find yourselves.

Kids take more time to adjust to strange food and strange environment. Some kids adapt faster than their siblings so luck might shine on you and your child adapts to the new things and new place without giving you any stress.

Others would find everything uncomfortable for a few days before adjusting while the rest don’t adjust at all.

The first thing you should work on before traveling with kids is getting a visa for all of them, that is, if you are traveling out of your country of residence.

Getting your visas and booking your flight on time should be a top priority as it might take longer than expected to be ready since it involves children.

Knowing your child or children will be a lot of help in preparing them and yourself for the trip and making sure you all enjoy yourselves and have a less hitched vacation.

You should be able to tell what they like or detest, what they eat or reject, what would attract them or be appalling to them, what they are allergic to and so on.

This would go a long way in helping you deal with them and locating them if they eventually wander off or have a reaction to a kind of food.

The next thing you should do is a research to find out how kids friendly your proposed destination is because it’s not everywhere adults go that is good for kids.

You don’t want to lodge in a hotel with a club that would play loud music all night and have smokes from cigarettes blown into your room the whole night.

You also do not want to take your kids to a place where they would not find an amusement park, cinema, a zoo, a game house and other things that would make them have a good time during the holiday.

Go online and search for a good location with a fair weather so that your kids do not end up sick and you have to cut your trip short or end up in a hospital at your vacation destination.

Bookings on time is also a good thing to consider as it will enable you secure a place with befitting facilities for your children to be comfortable and be sure you have an abode when you arrive your destination.

In addition, you should be mindful of packing their bags to make sure they have everything they need to be comfortable at your destination country or city.

Packing for kids can be confusing because they demand for everything not considering their location and how affordable or convenient it is for their parents to get it for them.

Make sure you prioritize the most important things they need, and dump what you know they would not need at your destination.

This is because you have to consider luggage charges at the airport and also portability as you don’t want to go on a holiday, vacation or any other trip carrying luggage’s like you are relocating.

If it happens that you end up with a lot of luggage, to reduce cost of taking them along you should consider sending them to your destination with a delivery company while you travel with your hand luggage and kids.

With this, you have only your kids to worry about when you set out on your journey.

When packing their clothes, you should consider the weather as at the time of traveling to enable you pack the right clothes and shoes for the trip.

Do not ask your kids to pack their bags themselves, even if they do, cross check to see what they have in it before leaving the house to make sure it’s not filled with chocolates and video games and no clothes to wear.

Another thing that you should be on your way is security conscious, make sure they board the bus before you do, hold their hands at the bus station or airport to Avoid any of them wandering off.

You should also consider investing in a child locator or monitor so as to be sure they do not get missing and even if they miss their way or get swallowed by the crowd anywhere you go, you can locate them easily.

Make sure they have their coats or cardigans handy especially if you are not sure what the weather would be like where you are going to avoid any of them catching a cold.

 If any of your children have a medical history of being sick, don’t forget to take them to a hospital for check up to see if they are strong enough to travel, and for those who are on medication, buy enough dose to last you your trip because of the availability of such medication at your destination.

If you are traveling by road (bus, public transportation) you should make sure they do not drink too much water, eat too much food or sweets to avoid requests of urinating or poo every 2hours or less.

To be on a safer side, you should make sure they use the toilet and empty their bowels before leaving the house to avoid endless stops on the road.

One thing that you should be mindful of when you arrive is the food they eat and any other other thing they put in their mouth, before they eat anything, make sure you have a taste to see what it’s like before giving it to your kids.

Tell your kids to make sure they take permission before eating anything and Watch them closely to be sure they do not eat any kind of food or snacks without your inspection.

Meanwhile, you should check the kind of water available wherever you lodge to be sure it’s sterilized whether it’s sachet water, bottled water or tap water.

If you are not sure, boil the water, filter it and put in a refrigerator to make the water cool down to a consumable temperature for your kids.

You should make sure they do not drink tap water even when they are brushing their teeth because you are not sure if the water tanks are cleaned regularly to avoid bacteria.

Some kids have allergies and would react badly if they took something they were allergic to, they might even end up in the hospital and that’s the nightmare of any parent traveling with their kids.

You should also be mindful of the kind of things they are exposed to when you arrive, whether it’s music, weather, food, strangers or family members, monitor them closely and don’t give chance for any mishaps.

Furthermore, making a list of activities to engage in before leaving home would go a long way in helping you organize the trip to be fun for your children.

Children like to have fun-filled times no matter where they find themselves, they are always looking for something fun to engage in.

Researching for things and places you can take them is ideal since it’s a holiday and they are there to have fun with their family anyway.

In a bid to reduce cost, you should ask around for free local parks and fun places for kids if you are not sure of where to take them.

Also, giving them their own camera will make them happier and help each person capture their experience in their own way without having to interfere or fight with one another.

Planning for games is also a good way to keep them busy and engaged not minding the kind of games they are, as long as it is something they can do and it is safe to play for children.


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